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Yes! my granddaughter Allie received one!!  Thanks so much, Sharon, for your caring and concern for our young new drivers.  I watched the video for the class...impressive.  What a great opportunity for the young drivers to experience this in a controlled environment before they encounter it out on the road.  Thanks again, Sharon.    Shirley K.


 Hi Sharon, just want to say as we live on Friendsville rd near 224, thank you for having this class for the youth! There was another accident tonight, and these are the roads that my daughter will be driving on. Prayers to all the families affected. Denise B.


And I want to say thank you for being a strong woman and helping all of these kids and being an advocate I know it wasn’t easy losing your daughter I can’t even imagine that you have impacted so many lives. Thank you for all you do   Angela S.


Thank you so much for giving me the scholarship to do the winter driving course. It meant so much to me that I was able to learn how to be safe and how to deal with situations on the icy road. I am terribly sorry for what happened to your daughter and I hope that you know that what your doing is so helpful for all teens that’s are starting to drive. I personally learned a lot from this course and not only was it very helpful but fun as well. I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me the chance to take your course for free and learn so much to help me on the road   Sincerely, Trey


I just wanted to thank you very much for offering my son, Jacob, with the Drive Team scholarship. It was a great class with great information. Thank you again. Happy New Year! Amy P. 


Thank you again Sharon and Rick for today!

Carson had a nice time at the driving course and class today. Kathy N.

Today my daughter Karina participated in Kelli's CRUSADE drivers training.  I wanted you to know that I think the skills gained during the course were invaluable.  Until today my daughter has had limited time behind the wheel, admittedly due to my own apprehension and concern out of wanting to keep her safe.  Today was a pivotal point in her own self confidence as well as mine. Rob H.

We can not thank you enough for the experience Ava received today at the Teen Performance Driving Avoid the Crash class! My husband Bob attended with Ava and was impressed with every aspect of this class. The knowledge and experience from the instructors as well as the valuable hands on instruction she received were exceptional! 

We are grateful for what you are doing to promote safer driving for teens and providing this opportunity! We would be happy to help spread the word about your organization and encourage others to apply for a scholarship. Warm regards, Becky H.


Rylie got her license on the 28th! Thank you guys for EVERYTHING!!!! Still dumbfounded that you guys thought to reach out and offer her a scholarship-with all the bad stuff it’s amazing to know there are still good people in this world! Seriously cannot thank you enough-everyone there was awesome-and even though having a teenage driver is still nerve racking I know she is well prepared because she truly learned from the best ❤️❤️❤️Morgan C.


Sharon—Re’Gine was not looking forward to a Saturday 8am class. But in the end, she said it was fun and she learned so much. Thanks so much for giving her the opportunity. Thanks for what you are doing. Sue

Thank you Sharon for allowing Christian for retaking the class in his new car or tonight's outcome could have been very different! Raff road they just laid black tar today, heavy rain, he couldn't see and slid of the wet tar, straight into the railroad tracks.  I thought for sure it broke both axel rods but the tow truck driver did a great job and no more damage.  He ran up to me crying, Mom how'd did you get here so fast?  All I could say was "bean you needed me"...he's shaken up.  Ohio State Patrol said he handled like a champ for being ticket, no citations and railroad company apologized.  The rain kept them from finishing the project today, none of that matters though.  They stopped the trains and my baby is safe.  God is good!  And KELLI'S CRUSADE PLAYED A BIG PART IN HOW HE HANDLED THE SITUATION.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Mrs. Baker, Thank you so much for the opportunity to take such a rewarding class. It was fun and I learned a lot! I feel a lot more confident about driving now and I'm so glad that I was able to take this class. I will tell my friends about how beneficial this experience was! Thank you again for the scholarship.  Ava H.


Thank you again for offering our daughter Ava this wonderful opportunity! We were unaware of this class & will now be sure our sons take a similar class once their turn to drive comes. It is so valuable! What a wonderful way to honor your daughters memory. Bob and Becky H.


Thanks to you, my daughter was able to take the avoiding the crash course last weekend. I've noticed more confidence in her and her ability to handle the car when driving. I think this course should be part of every teen's drivers ed. I wanted to make this donation so that another teen can be rewarded a scholarship for the course. Thank you for all you do and thank you for the program. Dave S.

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