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DriveTeam Overview & Mission: Founded in 1990, DriveTeam has graduated nearly 50,000 students. From teen drivers to police, fire and emergency teams to corporations and seniors. DriveTeam provides the most advanced driver training possible. Each instructor is accredited and licensed by the State of Ohio as well as experienced in specific driving skills. We offer a different curriculum and skill set for each driver group. Based in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio with a state of the art 12 acre Vehicle Dynamics Range, DriveTeam’s driving facility can accommodate individuals, small groups or corporations.


DriveTeam 12-Acre Driving Range

And there’s more, if you can’t come to DriveTeam, we will come to you. Our instructors travel throughout the United States helping corporations as well as police, fire and schools learn the skills necessary for peak driving performance.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there are over 34,000 preventable deaths yearly on our highways.

Whatever type of driving you do, DriveTeam will teach you how to be a safer, more qualified driver. You will have more confidence and the security of knowing what to do on the highway when confronted with a dangerous situation.

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