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Kelli’s C.R.U.S.A.D.E. was created after the tragic death of Kelli Baker on October 19, 2011. Kelli’s parents, Rick and Sharon Baker, founded Kelli’s C.R.U.S.A.D.E. in 2012. It is their passion to keep other teen drivers safe by crusading for safer roads, promoting safety awareness, and enhancing driver education.

As you view our website, you will learn more about Kelli and Kelli’s C.R.U.S.A.D.E.  You can read about Our Mission, Annual Horse Show and Teen Performance Driving – AVOIDING THE CRASH Scholarships. You can meet our Board of Directors. We thank you for visiting!




CONTINUING ROAD UPGRADES: You can report any unsafe road condition to us. This can include: Roads that need lines on them.  Roads that have a drop off more than 3 inches. Roads that do not have proper signage. Roads that have trees or brush blocking your view. Whatever YOU feel is needed to keep you and your family safe on that road.  Kelli’s C.R.U.S.A.D.E. has made multiple improvements over the past 9 years. Give us a call or send an email. We will contact the appropriate road department.

SAFETY AWARENESS: We promote safe driving. Most of this is done on Facebook. We hope to bring safe driving programs to our schools soon.

DRIVER EDUCATION: We enhance driver’s education through our Teen Performance Driving AVOIDING THE CRASH Scholarship Program. This program teaches critical techniques not offered in State Minimum Requirement Driving Schools.


To IMPACT the lives of teen drivers by crusading for safer roads, promoting safety awareness, and enhancing driver education.

Our Goals

Short Term: 

  • To reduce the number of teens that are involved in car accidents every year.

  • To promote our Teen Performance Driving – Avoiding the Crash Class to High Schools in Medina and surrounding counties.

  • Continue to host the Kelli’s C.R.U.S.A.D.E. Benefit Horse Show annually as our fundraiser.

  • Continue to promote safety awareness and work to make our roads safe for all drivers.

Long Term:

  • To create a safe driving program in all High Schools.

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