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AVOIDING THE CRASH – Class Applications

Click Here to Download the Winter Skills Driving Application

Kelli’s C.R.U.S.A.D.E. provides scholarships to teen drivers to attend a 4-hour Teen Performance Driving, AVOIDING THE CRASH class (formerly our Winter Skills Class) at Drive Team in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Drive Team is one of 2 Elite Driving Schools in the State of Ohio.

Skills Covered Include: Proper Hand and Steering Techniques, SkidCar, Skid Avoidance, Skid Recovery, Crash Avoidance, and Emergency Braking Techniques.

Scholarships are available to any teen driver that meets the following requirements:

1.)  Must be between the ages of 15 ½ and 19

2.)  Must have a valid permit or driver’s license

3.) Submit the “Teen Performance Driving, AVOIDING THE CRASH” application to kellis.crusade@yahoo.com OR mail to: Kelli’s C.R.U.S.A.D.E. 5904 State Road, Wadsworth, OH 44281. Contact Sharon Baker at 330-948-1784


  • Saturday, October 26 | 8:00-12:00
  • Friday, December 27 |8:00-12:00
  • Monday, January 20 | 8:00-12:00
  • Monday, January 20 | 12:00-4:00

Click Here to Download the Winter Skills Driving Application